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  • Simple Instructions For any Range Hood Installation

    Simple Instructions For any Range Hood Installation

    Many people won't use the range hoods they have because they are old and they make too much noise. Unfortunately if you don't make use of your hood when cooking this can result in the odors, smoke and steam to spread throughout your house after which result in problems later on. However a variety hood installation is quite a simple procedure and it is something you yourself should be able to complete inside a morning.

    To be able to execute the job there are a variety of various tools and materials that you'll want.

    1. Range Hood

    2. Screwdriver

    3. Pencil

    4. Circuit Tester

    5. Wire Nuts

    6. Screws (these should normally discover the new range hood that you have purchased).

    First of all , you need to while preparing to get rid of a classic hood and replacing with a brand new one is switched from the power to that particular area of the kitchen. Once it has done you can then carry out the next steps. However in order to replace it all you will need anyone to assist you to. Also make sure that you possess the right size hood keep in mind that the brand new you ought to overlap the cooker top on each side by about 3 inches.

    wall mount range vent

    Step 1

    Firstly you will need to locate the electrical connection for this particular appliance. Sometimes it is found in a position close to the light fitting on the hood. After you have located the wiring you need to disconnect it by removing the wire nuts. As soon as the nuts are removed you will have to separate the connections.

    Step 2

    Now you have disconnected the wiring the next step is to ask someone to offer the weight from the hood when you loosen the screws which hold it in place. Take away the hood from the screws that are supporting it and then place it to 1 side. You'll be able to finally take away the screws completely.

    Step three

    The next step is to measure how far on the old hood was placed. Hopefully if it was around about 24 to 30 inches from the the surface of the stove top then this is ok. But if not then you will need to carry out some alterations to make sure that the bottom of the hood from the top of the stove falls in this particular range. Also make sure that you plenty of wiring also.

    kitchen exhaust hood

    Step four

    It is crucial that you look at the direction where the venting is certainly going. This should either run up with the cabinet or out through the wall at the back. With many range hood installation projects you will notice that modern hoods can accommodate both types of venting quite easily. Nevertheless it will in reality rely on precisely what type of holes it has for it to gain access to the ductwork.

    Once you have replaced that old hood using the new one by carrying out the above steps starting at number 4 and going back up to step 1. Then you will have to tighten up the screws that are accustomed to support it and be sure that they are completely secure. The final things you will need to do after you have completed your range hood installation would be to test the electrics by activating the fan and the lights to see if they are working correctly.

    Added by Vanessa & Bush on Tue, Jun 12th 2012